Outpatient Care and Childbirth

● Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Outpatient Care

Information for Outpatients: There is no appointment system for first-time visitors. For return visits, please make an appointment. Please bring your insurance card to all appointments.

General Gynecology: Abnormal menstruation, irregular vaginal bleeding, genital itching, vaginal discharge, menstrual pain, cystitis, uterine cancer screening, sexually transmitted disease screening, contraceptive counseling, maternal protection (abortion or sterilization), etc.

Special Outpatient Care for Middle-Aged and Older Women: We provide specialist outpatient care for those suffering from symptoms and problems related to the menopause, such as menopausal symptoms and disorders, depression, and osteoporosis.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

How to Make an Appointment: If you wish to have a delivery, please visit our hospital by the 16th week of pregnancy and pay 100,000 JPY by the 20th week and 300,000 JPY by the 32nd week (400,000 JPY in total) as a deposit for reservation of delivery (only 100,000 JPY for the childbirth direct lump-sum allowance system paid to medical institutions).

Please Bring the Following: Your maternal and child health handbook, your health insurance card, a letter of referral, and prenatal checkup results. You may not be able to have a delivery at our hospital if have had cesarean sections at other hospitals twice or more in the past, if you do not have a health insurance card, or if you are a first-time mother with a BMI of 32 or higher (BMI = Weight (kg)/Height (m) × Height (m)).

Payment: This hospital supports the direct payment system for the childbirth lump-sum allowance. If you complete the procedures for the direct payment system in advance, you only need to pay the hospitalization expenses other than the reservation fee for delivery minus the amount of the childbirth lump-sum allowance when you leave the hospital, which means that you do not need to prepare a large amount of childbirth expenses in advance. Credit card payment is also available.

Costs: 570,000 JPY to 620,000 JPY. Charges will be added depending on the time of delivery (out-of-hours, late at night, or holidays). Costs vary depending on the procedure and the number of days of hospitalization. If the baby is delivered at another hospital, the full amount will be refunded. If you apply in advance for the direct payment system for the childbirth lump-sum allowance, you will only pay the above hospitalization fee minus the amount of the childbirth lump-sum allowance at the time of discharge.

Information about Fetal Ultrasound Screening: We provide fetal ultrasound screening for a more comfortable and secure delivery. By appointment only, at either 20-to-23 weeks, or 27-to-30 weeks, or both. We also provide a service that allows you to check on your fetus using your smartphone.

Pediatric Care: We have a pediatrician on duty 24/7. This is a great relief for mothers, as we provide prompt care not only during delivery, but also afterward.

Ambulances Available 24/7: Hori Hospital provides an ambulance service 24/7/365 to pick up patients at their homes and other locations upon request. In emergency cases, a midwife or nurse will always be on board.

Safe and Secure Shuttle Service: You can go home in a hospital car when you are discharged from our hospital (for free of charge). Please let us know the day before.

● Department of Pediatrics

Pediatric Outpatient Care: We provide outpatient care for children, from babies to junior-high school age. Consult us not only about illnesses, but also about anything related to their health.

Infant Health Examination: The purpose of the infant health examination is to assist children’s healthy growth and development, and to ensure that both mother and child lead a healthy life.

Vaccination:Only residents of Yokohama can receive vaccinations by appointment:


Pediatric vaccinations are available only for residents registered in Yokohama City. Please register your child’s vaccination history before using this service (please log in to the system with your child’s patient ID card number to register it and make a reservation).

● Other Services

Childcare Consultation: If you have any concerns about childcare, such as your baby crying a lot, or you want to know if you have enough breast milk, please contact us.

Postpartum Care: Available when using the Yokohama City Postpartum Mother and Child Care Service. We are unable to accept applications for use of this service at this hospital. Applications and decisions are made by the Children and Families Support Section of the respective ward offices; please contact the Section in your area listed below.